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Baby M Official Home Page


  Mini Album "For Your Love...”  

Baby M Takes on her 1st Chinese Song

“請不要說別離 “ (Please Don’t Say Goodbye)

Produced By Cheung Ka Shing Alan, lyrics written by Baby M...

This song is a touching heartbreak between of a couple in a long relationship that comes to an end. This makes us think of the reality of life which true love can be misplaced and forgotten.

and MORE...

“Rainy Day” feat Jeremy new featuring a collaboration with Taiwan artist Jeremy Luen.

“Always” feat Isaiah A song collaborated with and featuring rising star "Isaiah" from the Philippines.

“Dream “ feat Rielle, Miguel Mendoza First charity song produced by Baby M.Featuring with Rielle and Miguel Mendoza.

Rielle was the 2010Grand Champion Performer and Vocalist of the World, in the World Champion of Performing Arts completion in Los Angeles, California USA. Miguel Mendoza was the 2nd runner.

"請不要說別離 " (Please Don't Say Goodbye) Teaser


MINI ALBUM "For Your Love..."


1). Rainy Day (feat.Jeremy Luen)

2). 請不要說別離

(Plese don't say good bye)

3). Always (feat. Isaiah)

4). For Your Love

5). さよならだけは...

(Sayonara Dake Wa)

6). Dream

(feat. Rielle & Miguel Mendza


Baby M enjoys donating her time to various charity organizations. She has been doing so for more years of her life.

Her mother is the founder of the Voice of Hope International Foundation, which supports the impoverished people in the Muntinlupa district in Manila, Philippines.

M volunteers her time and talent to helping the children in the slums of Muntinlupa through the Voice of Hope.

With the release of “For Your Love” Baby M is donating a portion of the sales of the album to the “Save the Children Project”of the Voice of Hope.